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Zero Waste

Zero waste is a modern refuse management principle, which is designed to maximise recycling, minimise waste, reduce consumption and ensure that products are made to be reused, repaired or recycled back into nature. This means the system is based on more than just recycling, it aims to change the entire concept of what waste is by turning it into something we see as a re-useable resource.

Zero Waste affects every part of a products life from beginning through to end. The life-cycle starts with responsible policies from politicians and regulatory bodies; next is the clean manufacturing of the products we use, followed by our attitude and practice towards waste, and finally the full implementation of recovery infrastructure needed for recycling.

Only by addressing every stage in this life-cycle can zero waste be truly achieved. But for this to happen many of our long standing beliefs and attitudes towards waste need to change. This counts for everyone from large company’s right down to individual people.

Why Is Zero Waste Important?

It’s widely agreed by experts that the amount of waste we produce is unsustainable for our future, which means we must devise and implement new ways to deal with our waste if we are to save the environment and the natural resources around us.

The main benefits of zero waste are:

  • Saving money – since waste is a sign of inefficiency, the reduction of waste can reduce costs in many different ways including the sourcing and refinement of materials.
  • Faster Progress – zero waste improves production processes and environmental prevention strategies.
  • Supporting sustainability – zero waste supports all three goals of sustainability: economic well-being, environmental protection, and social well-being.
  • Improving material flows – zero waste uses fewer new raw materials and sends no waste materials to landfills.

zero waste

How Can My Business Achieve Zero Waste?

Zero waste can be achieved through a carefully considered zero waste programme which can change the way in which your workers see and use their waste as well as creating the infrastructure needed to provide an effective and reliable zero waste solution.

Using a zero waste system can improve your profits by reducing your waste disposal costs; give you a competitive advantage by improving your reputation among customers and employees, which will provide better productivity and job satisfaction.

To find out how Recycling Services can help your business with a zero waste solution, call our waste management experts today on 0845 337 3422.

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