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Data is very useful. Many businesses use it to provide customers with a tailored experience. However, in the wrong hands data can be very dangerous. As such it is very important that sensitive data is disposed of in a responsible and legally compliant manner. For example, you could use a waste disposal service such as the confidential waste disposal service from Recycling Services. If you’re interested in any of our waste disposal services, please call our friendly and dedicated team on 01952 204471.

Why Can’t You Dispose Of Confidential Waste In General Waste Streams?

Various items require secure and confidential disposal. For example legal documents, medical information, bank details or customer/employee information. As a business you need to make sure that any sensitive information is disposed of in a manner that complies with the Data Protection Act. With our confidential waste disposal service we deliver a certificate of destruction to provide evidence of your waste’s ethical destruction.

Sensitive data can come in many different forms. Confidential waste can include:

  • Bank statements.
  • Personal correspondence.
  • Customer records and receipts.
  • Hard drives containing logins or customer data.
  • Tax returns.
  • Investment documents.
  • Contact information.
  • Employee documents including reviews, interviews and HR information.

Why Is Confidential Waste Disposal Important?

Confidential disposal of waste is very important. Just think about how much information is actually contained on important paper documents. Invoices, bank details, signatures, etc. You wouldn’t want that to get into the wrong hands, so it is important to use a confidential waste disposal service. 


What Is Confidential Waste

Also, it has been discovered that organised criminals pay accomplices to rummage through bins belonging to business premises. This means that somebody could be searching through your bins searching for sensitive information. Don’t give them the opportunity. Use a confidential waste disposal service.

You Have A Duty Of Care


You have a duty of care to ensure that any and all sensitive information is kept safe. When it is time to dispose of that information, you have a responsibility to destroy it in a reliable manner. EVERY ORGANISATION needs to dispose of sensitive and confidential materials differently to general waste and recycling. They also need to provide evidence that it was destroyed in a reliable manner. With our confidential waste disposal service, we deliver a certificate of destruction, providing you with the legally required evidence and peace of mind.


Why Is Confidential Waste Disposal Important

What About Digital Data?

We also provide confidential waste disposal for digital data. Collecting digital data is very useful for businesses. However, that data could also be very useful for a criminal, so the confidential disposal of your data is very important. Remember that deleting a file on a computer doesn’t permanently delete the file. The file can still be recovered by data recovery software. The data will exist on the computer until the data is overwritten. Even then sophisticated data recovery software could potentially recover the data. As such, a confidential disposal service to dispose of sensitive digital data is very important.

How Can You Destroy Digital Data?

Digital data is difficult to destroy. There are many ways people decide to dispose of their hard drives. Each method has advantages and disadvantages. Three methods of disposal are: 

Wipe The Hard Drive

Some people choose to wipe their hard drive by using a program/tool to write junk data to the disk. However, this method of data has disadvantages, some tools cannot erase locked or hidden areas of your hard drive and some tools can leave some data intact 


Some people choose a method known as degaussing. This uses an electromagnetic field to remove magnetically recorded data. However, there are also disadvantages to this method. It is very difficult to verify if the data has been erased because the hard drive cannot be tested.

Physically Destroy The Hard Drive

Another method people choose is the physical destruction of the hard drive. It is important to remember that destroying the hard drive, for example by shredding it does not remove the magnetically recorded data. Instead it makes the hard drive inoperable.

If your business has recently upgraded your computer systems and you are searching for a method of disposing of your old computers. We have a computer recycling service. Give our friendly and dedicated team a call and discuss a waste disposal solution for your business. 

Are You Interested In A Confidential Waste Disposal Service From Recycling Services?

Whilst recycling your waste is very important, it is also very important to consider your sensitive data. In order to dispose of your sensitive data correctly it is important that you choose a service from a business that provides a certificate of destruction to provide evidence of your waste’s ethical destruction.

We provide a fantastic confidential waste disposal service. In addition to this we also provide many different commercial waste services. For example industrial waste management, WEEE disposal, metal recycling and various other waste services to manage the waste that your business produces.

We can manage every aspect of your business’s waste. We can provide a fantastic waste service to manage a wide variety of waste including both hazardous and non-hazardous waste. Our dedicated team will work alongside you to create a tailored waste strategy designed to work with the needs of your business. We can help your business maximise recycling, reduce waste, save money and help your business work towards a zero waste solution.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our confidential waste disposal service, or if you would like to make an enquiry about any of our waste management services. Please contact our friendly and dedicated team.


You can contact our team by telephone by calling 01952 204471 or you can fill out our request a callback form and our team will respond as soon as possible.

Confidential Waste Disposal

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