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Recycling Services offer all types of waste and recycling collection services

Recycling Services deliver recycling led, total waste management solutions. As well as offering a bespoke waste collection service, Recycling Services also devote themselves to recycling as much of the waste we collect as we can, trying to ensure zero to landfill for all our clients. We have a number of means by which we can achieve this and by viewing waste as a resource we have a unique approach to total waste management.

Total Waste Management With Recycling Services

We will manage every aspect of your waste for you, collecting every waste type, including hazardous wastes and recyclables. Providing you with full environmental reporting every month, our one stop shopcommercial waste services give you:

  • One point of contact for all waste issues
  • One consolidated monthly invoice
  • Full control of all waste streams
  • The best mix of local suppliers to collect each waste stream
  • Fully audited disposal routes
  • Detailed, accurate environmental reporting

Whether you have one large complex site or a chain of sites across the UK, our service can guarantee peace of mind allowing you to concentrate on your corebusiness practices. Here we can manage all of your waste streams, enabling you to benefit from your valuable waste products. Our total waste managementservices include:

Recycling Services

Mixed Recycling

When there is not a sufficient amount of waste for us to treat the recycling separately, we are able to offer a mixed recycling collection service whereby we can collect all paper, cans, plastics and card in one bin. This makes it easier and less time consuming for your staff to recycle waste and means that you will need fewer containers on site.

Food and Organic Waste

Food and organic waste does not have to lead to costly waste disposal at landfill sites. We can use a number of methods to dispose of your waste including anaerobic digestion, composting, rendering and even Energy from Waste, all dependent on the composition of the waste. Recycling services will recommend the disposal route that best suits you, ensuring compliance with regulations at all times.

Metal & Wood Recycling

We can provide collection and recycling for every type of metal waste; whether you require a one off skip for mixed scrap or regular collections of segregated metal types we can help you remove your metal waste and increase your revenue. We will offer full reporting detail for all metal types recycled giving you complete visibility for every collection from your premises. We can also provide collection & recycling for all grades of wood, whether that be pallets & crates or MDF, boards and offcuts; wood waste would be recycled by turning into other useful wood products, like chipboard, used as animal bedding or would be by the recovery of energy, dependant on type of wood waste.

Office Paper Recycling

All types of office paper can be recycled in some form or another as part of our waste collection service. Recycling Services can provide you with a full collection service as well as providing you with equipment you may need inside the office including desktop recyclers and recycling banks.All office paper can be collected as a mixed recycling collection as detailed above.

General Mixed Waste

Sometimes it might not be cost effective or practical to sort all or your waste due to contamination issues or time constraints. Traditionally, general waste would just be disposed of at a landfill site, but Recycling Services look for alternative disposal routes including Energy From Waste (EfW) Anaerobic Digestion (AD) and Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF), meaning that you can achieve zero to landfill easily. Even in areas where this is not an option we still at least send your waste via a transfer station to be sorted mechanically and any further recyclable materials recovered.

Cardboard Recycling

We aim this service at large producers of card and packaging but we can tailor it to meet the needs of any site. Whether you want cardboard balers to create substantial revenue or you want loose card to be collected in containers or bundles, by working with Recycling Services you can increase your recycling rates and lower your waste disposal costs immediately.

Glass Recycling

If you produce significant volumes of glass, we can enable you to recycle 100% of it, reducing the weight of your general waste and making a huge impact on both recycling figures and disposal costs.

Hazardous Waste

Often the most difficult waste stream to manage, hazardous waste needs to be carefully controlled in order to remain compliant. We will look after alltypes of hazardous waste, using the most environmentally friendly disposal routes possible. Our experienced team will carry out a full and detailedaudit of your site ensuring that all hazardous waste is stored and handled in a compliant and safe manner. For more complex chemical clearances, wewill send a chemist to your site to guarantee that your hazardous waste is managed to the highest possible environmental standards.

Find A Waste Management Solution Ideal For Your Business

Here at Recycling Services we regularly put our clients forward for environmental awards as we believe you should get some recognition for all of the hard work that goes into achieving high recycling rates and zero to landfill. If you would like to find out more about our total commercial and industrial waste management services, call us today on 01952 204471 to see what you can achieve.

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