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Are You Following The Waste Hierarchy?

Under the Waste Regulations (England and Wales) 2011, all businesses who produce or import, collect, transport, recover or dispose of waste, must take all reasonable measures to ensure they comply with the waste hierarchy. This waste hierarchy is part of your Duty of Care.

What Is The Waste Hierarchy?

Introduced in the revised Waste Framework Directive, the waste hierarchy sets out clear methods for the managing of waste. The waste management hierarchy is as follows:

  • Prevention – lowering the amount of waste produced
  • Reuse – using materials repeatedly
  • Recycle – using materials to make new products
  • Recovery – recovering energy from waste
  • Landfill – safe disposal of waste via landfill.

Top priority is given to preventing waste in the first instance, preparing for reuse, recycling, recovery and as a last resort, disposal via landfill.

How To Follow The Waste Management Hierarchy

The waste hierarchy aims to encourage businesses to effectively manage their waste in order to reduce the amount of waste materials produced. It is then possible to recover the maximum value from these waste streams, benefiting not only the environment but reducing management costs for businesses.

Depending on your industry sector, there are a number of best practice guides for your business. These are solutions considered to be the most appropriate management option for waste produced within your business. Here at Recycling Services we will work with you to develop a sustainable waste management plan for your business, ensuring you meet all legislative obligations.

We closely follow the waste hierarchy helping businesses across the UK reach their zero to landfill goals. Helping you to see your waste as a resource, our waste management philosophy will drive waste prevention, reuse and recycling creating a new waste culture within your business.

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