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Recycling Services Provide Clinical Waste Disposal

Recycling Services do not just offer recycling outlets for packaging materials but rather a total waste management solution to ensure that your business consistently achieves zero to landfill. We ensure your commercial waste collection is an efficient, environmentally sound and cost effective service in which both you and the environment can benefit. Furthermore, we achieve all of this in a safe and responsible manner.


Recycling Services have a vast range of services on offer including dry mixed recycling collections, food and organic waste disposal, hazardous waste disposal and clinical waste disposal. European waste legislation can be confusing at best, and when not strictly adhered to can be lead to breaches of legislation and ultimately fines. Thankfully, Recycling Services are here to help with our Total waste management solution. We will safely and responsibly dispose of all of your waste and recycling, including your clinical waste or hazardous waste for you, ensuring that you avoid both health and safety issues and expensive fines.


We can provide clinical waste disposal for all situations; from surgeries to residential care homes, Recycling Services can help you with your waste and recycling collection needs. Whether you have large or small amounts of clinical waste, we can provide you with total waste management services to ensure that you meet all regulations and save both time and money on your waste management requirements.


To find out more about how Recycling Services can provide a complete solution for your clinical waste disposal, contact one of our specialist advisers on 0870 850 3074 or e-mail

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