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Why Do I Need Hard Drive Shredding?

Any business possesses some kind of confidential information, be it client information, information about the company itself or information about yourself. We spend so much time building security up around this information when it’s on our computers, but what about once we’re ready to dispose of our old PCs or laptops and upgrade? What happens after we have thrown those computers out in the waste collection? Even though you may run special programmes to erase the data, but sometimes this simply deletes file directories, leaving the data still on the hard drive.


The only way you can be completely sure that your confidential information is safe is by using a hard drive shredding service to physically destroy the hard drive. Luckily, Recycling Services are here to offer such services. Our waste collection services include hard drive shredding and document shredding to ensure that once your information has been destroyed it will never be able to be put back together and misused.


Our document shredding service ensures that your paper documents are also disposed of safely and securely – once they have been shredded it will be impossible for anyone to put them back together again. You can make sure that no one can access your deleted virtual or physical information by investing in hard drive shredding and document shredding.


To be certain that your sensitive information is disposed of for good contact Recycling Services at or call us on 01952 204471.

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