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Department For Business Considers Giving WEEE Compliance Money To Councils

The Department for Business are looking into the idea of giving councils money raised from the WEEE compliance fee. Speaking at a conference about WEEE waste, John Redmayne, general manager of compliance scheme ERP, said the option to give councils the money raised by the fee was being considered.

BIS May Give WEEE Money To Councils

Currently the fee is imposed on schemes which haven’t been able to collect the required evidence needed when recycling a particular type of WEEE waste. It can be given out for everything from small electrical equipment through to large appliances such as cookers and washing machines.

However the way this money is collected and handles differs from the well established landfill tax which goes to the treasury. During 2014 compliance period the system is being run by accountancy firm Mazars.

Last year saw the introduction of a revised ‘mark 2’ approach to WEEE disposal, after concerns were raised that the old system was both more costly and gave certain advantages to some areas of the sector.

So far there has been no indication over the amount which was raised during 2014. At an industry conference senior BIS official Steve Andrews claimed that the department would be looking at the fee which had been set for 2014 and how this had impacted businesses whoi deal with WEEE waste.

Dr Philip Morton, chief executive of the Repic compliance scheme, told delegates that the compliance fee is a “safety valve in the system and is a legitimate way of calculating that system”.

He also praised the new WEEE system for “saving £20 million. That has got to be a good thing and will ultimately feed through to consumers.” And, Dr Morton added: “Contrary to what Steve [Andrews] suggested this morning I would suggest the fee was a good one."

John Redmayne, general manager of producer compliance scheme ERP, spoke about the organisation’s work with local authorities. He believes that to reach the increasing targets in the future, “we will need to keep shaking the tree with households, getting them to put WEEE into the system and into the right place at civic amenity sites or kerbside collections."

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