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Waste Legislation Blog

The Law And Computer Recycling

You can’t just throw electrical goods in the general waste. Electrical goods can contain many hazardous materials which need to be disposed of in a responsible manner. If your business is replacing your computer systems, consider a computer recycling s...  Read more >>

Waste Why Commercial Waste And Recycling Is Cheaper Than Fly-Tipping

Businesses all over the country are looking to cut down on operating costs. Many businesses are actually working with extremely cheap, and illegal, fly-tippers to dispose of their waste for them. However, this could easily end up costing a lot more than simply choos...  Read more >>

Fines Possible For People Who Don’t Use Their Recycling Waste Collection

New powers to give out fines to people who refuse to use their recycling waste collection, is one of a number of new proposals being discussed by the body representing Welsh councils in order to reach a zero landfill waste target by 2050. Is It Right To Fine People Who ...  Read more >>

Renewable Waste Sector Continues To Grow In UK Economy

Recent assessments of the environments contribution towards the economy has found that there has been continued growth in the sector along with increased resource productivity. However there has been a decline in spending on environmental protection in relation to the i...  Read more >>

Department For Business Considers Giving WEEE Compliance Money To Councils

The Department for Business are looking into the idea of giving councils money raised from the WEEE compliance fee. Speaking at a conference about WEEE waste, John Redmayne, general manager of compliance scheme ERP, said the option to give councils the money raised by t...  Read more >>

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