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Refused Derived Fuel

At Recycling Services we can help our customers to fulfil their zero waste to landfill goals through turning their residual waste into fuel. Using a range of processing techniques including sorting, trommelling and shredding, we can produce Refuse Derived Fuels (RDFs) from your residual waste.

What Is fuse Derived Fuel?

One way in which waste can be re-used effectively is by using it as fuel. Refuse-derived fuel (RDF) is produced by shredding municipal solid waste (MSW). Once the non-combustible materials such as glass and metals are removed the RDF material consists largely of organic, plastic and biodegradable waste.

In order to be effectively utilised as an alternative fuel, burnable waste needs to be collected, sorted and size adjusted.Compared to landfilling, the lower carbon emissions resulting from this approach to processing waste far outweigh the emissions associated with transporting the reclaimed fuel.

refused derived fuel

Why Choose Refuse Derived Fuel?

Refuse derived fuel is made from residual waste which is left over after the recycling of materials like paper, card, wood, textiles and plastics. RDF means that materials that would otherwise be sent to landfill can be put to good use as an alternative fuel. Solid recovered fuel, as it is also known, is a zero to landfill fuel. A product of residual waste, even the ash that is produced when the RDF is burned, is used as an aggregate in cement production.

The calorific value of RDF will vary depending on the moisture content. Typically outlets aim to produce refuse derived fuels which have a water content of less than 15%, to ensure a high calorific value for the recovered fuel.

Achieve Zero To Landfill With Recycling Services

Using recovered fuel as an alternative to fossil fuels has significant environmental and economic benefits:

  • Comparatively high calorific value – 1 tonne of coal is equivalent to approximately 1½ tonnes of RDF
  • Reduced reliance on finite fossil fuels
  • Increased sustainability performance
  • Reduced carbon footprint

At Recycling Services we use our network of sites and facilities to process our residual waste wherever possible. As the carbon emissions resulting from landfilling far outweighs the emissions associated with processing and transporting RDF fuels.

As part of the Recycling Services Group, we have an experienced team which can manage all aspects of your entire waste streams in a responsible manner and in accordance with best practice and all local and governmental legislation.

To find out how you can achieve zero to landfill with refuse derived fuels from Recycling Services, talk to us about your requirements.

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