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WRAP Reveals Plan For Next Stage Of Retail Waste Reduction

The UK's leading retailers are about to begin the next stage of a voluntary plan which aims to significantly reduce the amount of waste which is produced by the industry. It forms part of the Courtauld Commitment which set targets for retail waste management which were to be reached by 2016.

Courtauld Commitment To Shape Future Retail Waste Management

WRAP is the government body which deals with waste, looking at ways to effectively reduce it in line with EU regulations. It confirmed yesterday a proposed 10 year programme dubbed ‘Courtauld 2025' would replace the existing commitments that expire in 2016.

Many of the UK's largest supermarkets and their suppliers have signed up to the commitment, and are currently working to reduce food waste by 5%, curb supply chain waste by 3% and make a 3% real terms reduction in packaging waste by 2016, against the level set in 2012.

The new targets are currently being drawn up and debated, and are expected to be announced in early 2016. The new wave of targets is likely to include new types of waste in future retail waste management such as water, which has been absent until now.

WRAP have already spoken of their anticipated change of approach, which they say will "differ significantly from the previous and existing Courtauld agreements by taking a whole system view to address other areas of resource efficiency for the first time".

"Central to the proposed agreement is the ambition to help consumers to reduce avoidable food waste and to aid businesses to share efficiency savings along supply chains, waste less and get more value from unavoidable waste, and thereby increase business resilience," the agency added. "WRAP is keen to work with industry on developing the next steps and will be consulting a range of stakeholders."

As well as these efforts, WRAP and the London Waste and Recycling Board have also announced plans to join forces with London's boroughs to deliver a more consistent approach to waste and recycling services.

"The London Waste and Recycling Board is excited to be exploring a more strategic relationship with WRAP," said Wayne Hubbard, chief operating officer of the London Waste and Recycling Board, in a statement. "The partnership promises to deliver a one agency approach for London boroughs, providing specific and focused support at a regional and local level."

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