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Why SMEs Should Recycle Their Business Waste

With waste disposal costs rising and tougher sanctions being introduced on local authorities to help reduce the amount of domestic and commercial waste, small and medium sized enterprises (SME’s) have to consider ways in which to dispose of their waste before the removal costs become a substantial monthly overhead.

In recent years there has been a big push to help encourage business owners to improve their recycling rates, with a series of new methods and technologies introduced which allow firms to dispose of day-to-day waste easier than ever before. This includes all of the most used materials including paper, plastic, metal and electronic equipment.

While recycling may be easier, not every company has the same attitude towards waste and recycling, with many unlikely to commit unless there are incentives to do so. Here are three key benefits for SME’s which increase recycling and set up an effective commercial waste collection.

  • Monetary Incentives

In an effort to meet the EU’s stringent environmental policy, the UK government has already introduced some monetary based incentives for companies who create and execute a responsible recycling programme.

Most of these will take the form of annual grants and loans, which are judged on how much energy the programme you are using will save. For more information about these incentives please read the guidelines set out by the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP).

Not only are their monetary incentives direct from the government, but businesses can also reduce the amount of money it costs to dispose of their waste by avoiding expensive landfill costs.

  • Environmental Factors

Aside from the money which can be saved, there are also big environmental reasons for creating a recycling programme in your workplace. According to, 60% of waste which is thrown away could be recycled, a worrying figure considering around 46 million tonnes of rubbish is sent to landfill each year.

Many of the regular materials used by businesses are easy to recycle, especially electronic waste – also known as WEEE – with much of it coming from used printer cartridges. “With 350 million sent to landfill each year, the environmental impact of print cartridges can’t be stressed highly enough.” Says Toner Giant, producer of printer cartridges.

“By recycling your used cartridges, your company will demonstrate its commitment to responsible waste management – bolstering your green credentials and validating your overall integrity and company ethics.”

  • Community Support & Networking Opportunities

By introducing green policies and a comprehensive recycling system, you can improve your reputation as a responsible company which cares about the environment. This can then lead to all kinds of new business opportunities and partnerships, as well as good PR.

Doing this can help draw green thinking customers to your products or service who may not have done so before, and even encourage other companies who are nearby or in the same industry to realise the benefits for them if they make the same changes.

Why SMEs Should Recycle Their Business Waste

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We can provide regular waste and recycling collections, including for offices, as well as metal and glass recycling. Offering an efficient, responsible and competitive nationwide service, we utilise the latest technologies and disposal methods to ensure you meet your legal obligations.

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