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Why Burning Confidential Waste Doesn’t Work

Many businesses around the UK create vast amounts of confidential waste every single day. Confidential waste is defined as waste such as documents, CD or flash drives which contain sensitive information that could be used against the company in any way.

Why You Shouldn’t Burn Confidential Waste

One way in which some people dispose of their sensitive documents is by incinerating them with fire, however this is often an ineffective way of destroying the information and ensuring you and your company are kept secure.

  • It Doesn’t Work – Even in a very hot fire, it is very difficult to properly burn paper. When compacted together in a file or box, no air can get between each sheet which prevents combustion. The result is documents which are burnt around the edges but with large sections of the paper left untouched. Feeding them in one by one is too time consuming and makes you stand dangerously close to the fire.

  • It’s Dangerous – Everyone knows the danger of fire, and the potential for it to spread quickly. This can easily happen when burning paper, especially if there are strong winders or other flammable materials close by. Feeding documents in can also be dangerous, with the temptation to check for documents which haven’t been destroyed properly.

  • It’s Bad For The Environment – Burning paper in a fire creates air pollution with the left over ash containing toxic residue. It also releases dioxins which are bad for people and the environment. This can become even worse if you are burning paperclips, disks and anything else which contains plastics. Paper is very recyclable and can be made into soft tissue products after shredding which saves trees, water and energy.

  • It Annoys People Around You – Nobody wants to put up with the smell of burning paper anywhere near their home or office. The smoke can be dangerous for other people’s lungs, and could even lead to heath problems if done frequently.

  • It’s Simply Too Risky! – With more effective ways to dispose of your sensitive waste available, it makes no sense to burn any of your waste. The best option is to choose a company who can provide an effective confidential waste disposal service, which can handle everything for you and provide complete peace of mind.

Confidential Waste Disposal From Recycling Services

At Recycling Services we offer secure shredding services for all your confidential data, ensuring it is disposed of in compliance with the Data Protection Act. Completing a full audit trail, we can also provide a full range of containers for the secure storage of your confidential waste.

To find out more about confidential waste disposal from Recycling Services or if you would like a no-obligation quote or commercial waste audit, please call 01952 20447101952 204471 or email

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