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Recycling Services The Facts

Whether you’re a small company or a large multinational business, the need to recycle waste is made clear but actually implementing a waste management process is another matter. The question is; why is it so important to separate your plastic and cardboard from general waste? Below are just a few recycling waste facts that should make it clearer why recycling is so important.

Recycling Facts

• The average 1100ltr general waste bin emptied weekly, over a year could power a television for over 5,000 hours with the unreleased energy contained.

• £36 million worth of aluminium cans and scrap is sent to landfill sites each year

• Around 60% of waste disposed of as “General waste”, could be recycled.

• 5 million tonnes of plastic is used in the UK alone each year. From this plastic, it is estimated that around 24% is currently being recovered or recycled.

With so much waste being produced by businesses it is important that waste management initiatives are put in place to ensure that the maximum amount is being recycled. At Recycling Services, we have the experience and resources to provide nationwide waste management services to companies large and small.

To find out more about how your business can greatly benefit from our range of waste management services then please contact one of our waste management experts today.

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