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What Should You Look For When Choosing A Recycling Service?

Choosing the right recycling service is crucial for any business which cares about having a reliable and cost effective solution when it comes to dealing with their waste. It has become an expected ethical requirement of almost every business to recycle properly, and if not done correctly can have serious negative effects on your business and your brand image.

The Importance Of Reliable Recycling Services

With waste and recycling services the chance that they will cut corners by dumping waste or avoiding taxes is more likely as you see very little of the process other than the collection of your waste. This is why a service which has built up a good reputation over a sustained period is vital, avoiding any nasty surprises further down the line.

One important factor to consider are the company’s licences and policies which could affect the type of waste and recycling you create and then the process for them once they have been collected. Making sure they have the legal and practical ability to remove all types of waste efficiently is important, as a good recycling service will be able to handle anything.

Another element to check is their status with waste and recycling trade bodies, which they should have an accreditation from to prove they are working to the correct standard which is required. Case studies and testimonials also provide great insight into how the company works and whether their service is right for your requirements.

Why Choose Recycling Services?

At Recycling Services we manage every aspect of your waste for you, collecting most waste types including hazardous waste and recyclables. Providing you with environmental reporting everything month, our all-in-one commercial waste services will ensure that all your waste requirements are met.

Working with you to develop a tailored waste strategy which works for your company, we will recommend and provide you with the most suitable recycling services to meet your needs. Whether you have one large site or a chain of sites around the UK, we will design a waste management plan to ensure you achieve maximum revenue for your recyclables and complete staff buy-in.

Once you become a client you will receive an initial audit to evaluate your waste system and look at how we can help make improvements which make your process more efficient and cost effective. Our service also includes regular reporting of your waste streams and how they have improved as well as reviews which are conducted by an allocated account manager who will review systems on a regular basis, working with you to ensure all targets are exceeded.

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