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What Are The WEEE Regulations?

The WEEE Directive; guidance published by the European Commission, which came into force in 2007, requires all ‘producers’ (manufacturer, re-brander or importer) of Electrical and Electronic Waste to follow the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment regulations. This guidance is primarily intended for use by businesses, public and third sector organisations involved in the life cycle of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE).

What Is The WEEE Directive?

Part of Europe’s ongoing drive towards becoming a more sustainable and environmentally responsible planet, the WEEE Directive was introduced to reduce the amount of waste electrical and electronic equipment sent to landfill.

In the UK, it is estimated that we dispose of over 2million tonnes of electrical waste each year; most of which is sent to landfill [i]. The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment regulations aim to reduce that amount and improve recovery and recycling rates for electrical and electronic products.

What Are The Current Waste Electrical And Electronic Equipment Regulations?

In 2013 the recast WEEE Directive brought about changes to UK Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment regulations. Key amongst these was the introduction of mandatory targets for compliance schemes. This is intended to ‘prevent the trading of evidence between schemes which producers claim was leading to an increase in the overall cost of compliance’.[ii] The new target requires member states to collect 85% of waste electronic equipment generated by 2019.

"The existing EU collection target is 4kg of WEEE per capita, representing about 2 million tonnes per year, out of around 10 million tonnes of WEEE generated annually in the EU," the European Commission stated. "By 2020, it is estimated that the volume of WEEE will increase to 12 million tonnes. The final target of the new directive, an ambitious 85 per cent of all WEEE generated, will ensure that in 2020 around 10 million tonnes, or roughly 20kg per capita, will be separately collected in the EU."[iii]

Stay On Top Of Your WEEE Waste With Recycling Services

If you manufacture electrical or electronic products or, produce WEEE waste, you will be in need of compliant WEEE disposal from Recycling Services. We can ensure you that remain compliant with your Duty of Care and fulfil your WEEE targets.

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