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Weaker Waste Targets With A New EU Deal

The European Commission has recently unveiled a new package which aims to make Europe more efficient when it comes to using its own resources, featuring watered down waste targets. This is great news for many nations and businesses, which looked like they were going to fail at meeting the stringent targets that the EU has laid down in the past.

Under the draft package – the “Circular Economy Package” – proposals include a target for the recycling of as much as 65% of municipal waste, 75% of packaging and the drastic reduction of landfill waste to an absolute maximum of 10% by 2030. These are certainly more relaxed than many of the previously proposed targets.

In order to meet these new requirements, businesses and organisations throughout Europe will need to make the most of professional and eco-friendly total waste management services.

The New Goals Of The EU Deal!

The new package also includes a requirement for all Member States to take measures designed to reduce food waste. This includes a common and unified measuring methodology and more effective date marketing, to ensure that all members can meet the global Sustainable Development Goal to halve our food waste by 2030. To date, no specific targets for member states have been set out, making it difficult to effectively judge how much food waste will need to be eliminated in every country.

These goals are expected to help European businesses customers with regards to their transition towards a stronger and circular economy. The eventual goal is to see that resources are utilised in a more sustainable fashion, including recycling and reusing techniques.

The European Union And The Circular Economy

First Vice President Frans Timmermans, the man in charge of sustainable development, has said that the planet and the economy cannot survive if the EU, and nations around the world, continued with the “take, make, use and throw away” approach.

“The Circular Economy”, he explained, “is all about reducing waste and protecting the environment but it is also about a profound transformation of the way our entire economy works”.

By re-evaluating the various ways in which we obtain materials, use them to create products and eventually dispose of these products, we should be able to generate new opportunities and create a diverse range of new jobs which were otherwise unavailable.

The average European is said to consume as much as 14 tonnes of raw materials every year, and generate five tonnes of waste. With around 750 million people living in Europe alone, it is no surprise that limiting the amount of waste we produce is one of the EU’s major priorities. Businesses produce thousands of tonnes of waste every single year, and so it is no surprise that total waste management services are essential for many businesses to limit their environmental impact.

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