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Vision 2020, Zero To Landfill And Food Waste In The UK

It’s a shocking statistic, but as much as 50% of the food that we produce never gets eaten. In the UK alone, around 15 million tonnes of food is wasted every single year. If we ever hope to reach zero to landfill, then we need to make sure that we take steps to either eliminate food waste, or ensure that it is dealt with in the most ethical manner possible.

At the minute, approximately 40% of all the UK’s wasted food (6 million tonnes) is sent to landfills every year. That’s a big problem, not just because of the amount of wasted money that it represents, but also for the severe environmental impact it has on the planet.

Vision 2020, Setting Up The UK For Zero To Landfill

Vision 2020 is a movement which has been set up by ReFood. The main aim of this organisation is to bring about a real change in government strategy, ideally with the goal of banning all food and organic products from landfills altogether. Not only will this help to keep the UK in line with EU regulations (if they still apply to us), but it free up a great deal of space in our landfills and prevent the production of harmful methane gas. Methane, just to put it in perspective, is 21 times more damaging to the environment than carbon dioxide.

The Vision 2020 team has created a “UK roadmap to zero food waste to landfill”. This roadmap sets out a feasible way for the UK government to eliminate food waste from landfills and cause local authorities, businesses and waste management specialists to find other ways to deal with organic waste of all kinds.

Food waste, in this report, is not just seen as a problem, but as a valuable resource which could make a real difference to a range of agricultural businesses across the entire country.

What Are The Benefits Of Achieving Zero To Landfill For Food Waste?

The recommendations that Vision 2020 have put forth in this detailed roadmap could offer a complete range of advantages for businesses, waste sites, home owners and the government itself. The potential benefits include:

  • Home Owners – Domestic households could save more than £17 billion annually by reducing the amount of wasted food. This is in everyone’s interest, and could make a real difference to the British economy as a whole.
  • Help The Environment – By stopping food and organic waste from arriving at landfills and waste sites, we would be able to prevent around 27 million tonnes of greenhouse gases (GHG) from entering the atmosphere. That is in the UK alone, so imagine how much we’d save if this roadmap was introduced internationally!
  • Reinvigorate The Soil – If the organic waste was provided to farmers and agricultural businesses, we could return more than 1.3 million tonnes of extremely valuable nutrients to the soil.
  • Generate Usable Electricity – Using the idea of waste to electricity (part of a zero to landfill strategy), this organic waste could generate more than 1Twh of electricity. That’s enough energy to power approximately 600,000 homes, which would cause energy bills to fall.

Of course, there are many different and complex issues when it comes to recycling food waste, but the advantages offered far outweigh any difficulties that we are likely to experience.

What Is Vision 2020’s Report?

The report, produced by a team of experts from a range of industries and organisations, treats food waste as a valuable material, and offers several practical recommendations for the government to act on. The report’s four main recommendations include:

· The design of a clear timetable for a ban on all organic waste in landfills.

· Mandatory collections of food waste from all homes and businesses, with the goal of optimising its suitability for a zero to landfill strategy.

· Greater collaboration between all facets of the supply chain and facilities to improve waste prevention and maximise the value of food waste to the UK economy.

· The integration of food waste strategies into educational facilities as well as increased support for WRAP’s Love Food Hate Waste strategy.

Take Advantage Of Zero To Landfill For Your Business

Here at Recycling Services, we can help you to move towards a zero to landfill waste solution for all kinds of waste. As well as organic waste, we are dedicated to eliminating cardboard, plastic and WEEE waste. We ensure that as much of the waste we can collect is recycled as possible to reduce our impact on the environment.

For more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today on 01952 204471. You can also email us at for a no-obligation quote.

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