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UK Companies Achieve Zero To Landfill Goals

Every year more and more companies take steps towards reducing their carbon footprint and achieving the lucrative goal of zero waste to landfill. This is something which has become a target not only for businesses but also homes and other organisations which want to reduce their waste and save money.

Reaching Zero Waste To Landfill

Two companies which have recently achieved their zero to landfill goals are the food giant Nestle and Cardiff Airport. Nestle has transformed its factory in Newcastle upon Tyne, diverting waste to anaerobic digestion (AD) in order to achieve zero to waste. While Cardiff Airport has managed to recycle all the waste produced in its everyday operations.

This makes them examples to the thousands of other companies across the UK which are still sending their waste to landfill sites despite the increasing charges. Nestle’s approach began with the opening of its own AD site last year, and were soon sending four tonnes of solid waste and 200,000 litres of liquid effluent to the facility for treatment.

Once in the air tight tank, bacteria breaks down the material as there is no oxygen present, producing biogas and a digestate byproduct. The gas is then used to power a combined heat and power (CHP) engine, which creates around 200 kilowatts of electricity, giving the company around 8% of its site’s energy requirements.

Andrew Griffiths, Sustainability Manager at Nestlé Fawdon, commented: “We’re proud to announce that one year on from launch, we’ve achieved our target of zero waste to landfill at our Fawdon factory, thanks to the installation of a new anaerobic digester.

“The system allows us to convert a large amount of waste that would otherwise enter sewage, be used as feed stock, or [be disposed of at] landfill systems [where it would] generate methane and other greenhouse gas emissions.”

Cardiff Airport’s success has grown from a more conventional approach, with everyone who works on the site putting in an effort to manage waste on its premises responsibly. The airport has put practices in place which enable disposal of food, plastic packaging, grass cuttings and heavy pieces of old or broken equipment either by recycling or through efficient waste-to-energy techniques.

Cardiff Airport managing director Debra Barber said: “Thanks to the innovative processes now in place at Cardiff Airport we are able to ensure that absolutely no waste goes to landfill but instead goes towards creating new energy and materials.

“Our aim as an Airport is to become an exemplar of responsible waste management and we look forward as a team to using new technology and innovation to continue on our journey.”

Achieve Zero To Landfill With Your Business With Recycling Services

At Recycling Services our team is dedicated to continue their hard work in achieving their goal of helping companies reach their zero to landfill targets. If you would like to find out how our services could help eliminate the excessive time and cost of your current waste management solution, or to set up your own zero to landfill solution then call one of the team today on 01952 20447101952 204471.

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