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The Food Industry Is Flying Ahead Of Waste Reduction Targets!

Food manufacturers and many retailers are actually ahead of the current waste reduction targets set out for the industry. Activity by these manufacturers has helped to achieve a considerable reduction in terms of ingredient, product and associated packaging waste since 2012.

This is, in no small part, also due to the increased commitment of retail waste management services, which have redoubled their effort to recycle waste wherever possible and have worked to create a more sustainable society on all fronts of waste collection. The latest figures, in fact, show that the sector has gone beyond the target of maintaining a steady level of CO2 emissions but has actually managed to decrease emissions by as much as 3.9% over the past two years.

One of major reasons for the drastic reduction in the amount of food waste that is produced by big businesses and organisations is because of the voluntary Courtauld Commitment.

What Is The Courtauld Commitment?

The Courtauld Commitment is a voluntary agreement that is aimed at improving resource efficiency when it comes to reducing waste within the UK’s grocery and natural food sector. Funded by the Westminster, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Ireland governments, and delivered by the Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP), the Courtauld supports the UK government’s policy goal of a “zero-waste” economy, and includes a range of other interests, including climate change objectives to effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions and more.

The Courtauld Commitment has three phases to its implementation. Phase 1 began in 2005, and looked at new solutions and technologies which could reduce the amount of food packaging that ended up as waste. Phase 2, which ended in 2012, continued to reduce the amount of waste produced via packaging and other non-food components of the industry.

The ongoing phase 3 is taking a more detailed look at waste in general, with focuses not only on food manufacturers, but on end-users as well. This is a more comprehensive focus on reducing the waste generated by our food, including packaging and wasted food itself.

Growing Sales Within The Food Industry!

Even against the backdrop of continually growing sales, progress in the packaging areas of the industry remains well ahead of target. Changes in the actual mix of packaging materials that are used, along with increases in overall recycling rates has resulted in an overall reduction of CO2, despite the average weight of packaging actually increasing.

However, the primary packaging of items (the packaging the user actually takes home) has continued to decrease in weight, making it much easier to carry more in a single trip. Unfortunately, information regarding household waste targets isn’t collected annually – as a result, this data will only be available in 2016.

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Here at CERS, we are able to provide a diverse range of retail waste management services, to a variety of businesses. We think it’s great that larger food manufacturers and retailers are doing their part to create a more eco-friendly and sustainable society, and we’re doing our part as well.

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