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The Importance Of Business & Retail Waste Management

Managing any successful business is a difficult task, requiring far more time and resources than can be dedicated to the most important aspects like attracting customers and dealing with the financial side of things. It is no longer enough for companies to simply think about their customers and themselves, they must also show an active responsibility for environmental issues and the people at every stage of their supply chain.

Business & Retail Waste Management – Does Your Company Do Enough?

The first place this must start is with the companies own office and employees, which must set an example of their ethics and look to make small changes which add up to make a big difference. Many other businesses who have taken on more responsible policies towards waste and recycling have noticed unexpected benefits to their staff, suppliers and reputation.

Research has shown that enough rubbish is produced in the UK to fill the 8,000-capacity Royal Albert Hall in London every two hours, while the amount of waste electronic equipment which the UK throw away each year is sufficient to fill Wembley Stadium more than six times. With businesses all over the country upgrading to the latest computer systems, being responsible with electronic waste has become a major global challenge.

When asked, 55% of the public said that they believe retailers are one of the most responsible for cutting waste, by cutting down on the amount of packaging they sell. In the perception of consumers, effective retail waste management is seen as imperative for all businesses.

Slingsby, an office furniture and equipment provider, have released some suggestions for companies and other public and private bodies to help them cut the amount of stuff thrown away, they include:

  • Giving workers desktop recycling containers so that collecting what they no longer use is less of a chore
  • Culling the contents of filing cabinets, and instead switching to electronic systems to organise documents
  • Switching to reusable and refillable ink cartridges, or using a supplier which does so
  • Choosing products and supplies with less packaging, or on which those protective outer layers can be easily recycled, and
  • Noting the instructions included with any new electrical or electronic equipment for whether, and how, the item can be recycled once it reaches the end of its current working life.


Those who work trying to get companies to recycling more say that many are reluctant to admit how much recycled material their products contain, if any at all, in fear of reactions which may bring unwanted attention on them and their brand. One industry which has openly used recycled materials is the newspaper and print industry which now uses large amounts of recycling paper for their publications.

Often fear of the unknown prevents businesses of all sizes to address their waste and improve their recycling, as the amount to pay in taxes and the monetary benefits from recycling are often not clear enough for people to understand and act upon. Giving people a real sense of what they stand to gain by changing their habits to encompass greater recycling is likely to be the best way to get everyone to see that it’s in their own interests.

And new legislation introduced in January 2015 sets out to improve the rate of recycling for businesses as well as households. ‘Separate Collection Regulations’ will require separate collection of paper, plastic, metals & glass for recycling.

Retail Waste Management From Recycling Services

At Recycling Services Recycling Services we provide a range of waste and recycling solutions including retail waste management for both large and small companies. Our service includes all aspects of waste collection and delivery so you will always be on the right side of the regulations.

If you would like to find out more about retail waste management or any of our other services, then please get in touch with the Environmental Recycling Services team who will happy to answer any questions you may have. Please call us today on 01952 204471.

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