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The Big Business Of Clever Recycling

In the modern age one of the most commonly used materials in the products we buy and discard is plastic. Many aspects in our daily lives contain plastic, including electronics and packaging, accounting for around 13% of all municipal solid waste in the US during 2013.

Recovering The Plastic Waste We Create

The issue is prevalent in countries all over the world, with many consequences occurring, particularly in the oceans where an estimated 8 million tonnes of plastic finds its way each year. In some countries waste companies are looking for new technology which can help solve the issue.

One American company has developed technology that it says enables it to recycle plastics from complex waste streams. It describes its UK plant in Worksop as the “largest and most advanced plastics recycling plant in the world.”

“The main problem with recycling plastic is the number of different types of plastic within the feed,” Says MBA Polymer's Global Sourcing Manager Paul Mayhew. “Our challenges here in Worksop are taking those plastics and separating them out and putting them back into their own families, so they can be used in the applications they came from.”

The plants main focus is designed to recover rubber and plastics from its recycling waste collection which is destined for landfill. This is important because of the chemical makeup of plastic which means it will take longer to degrade than almost any other material.



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