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Revealed: UK’s Fly-Tipping Capital!

Despite the government’s best efforts to tackle the issues of fly-tipping, it has continued to be a major problem all across the country. The very best in commercial waste collection has worked to help businesses reduce the amount of waste that is dealt with in an environmentally-unfriendly manner, but illegal waste dumping remains an issue in many communities.

Recently, shocking figures were revealed by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) which showed which towns and cities in the UK were the guiltiest when it came fly-tipping.

The UK King Of Fly-Tipping Is...

Hyndburn is the area of the UK to have the most issues with fly-tipping. According to the recently released figures, the local council were forced to take action as many as 20,210 times over fly-tipping cases. To put that into perspective, that number is more than Manchester and Liverpool, two of the largest cities in the UK, combined.

Many people have actually said that the problem doesn’t originate from within Hyndburn itself, but rather that it is being used as a dumping point for people from other areas.

What Has Hyndburn Done To Fight Fly-Tipping?

The local council has sent out more than 8,117 warning letters and informative leaflets regarding fly-tipping and the dangers of fly-tipping, which is more than double that of its neighbouring authority, Newham, which sent out somewhere in the region of 4,000 similar letters. Hyndburn’s letters are estimated to have cost taxpayers a total bill of more than £600,000 over the last year.

DEFRA released specific figures too, estimating that the Hyndburn council has spent somewhere in the region of £360,000 investigating fly-tipping and waste dumping claims and issues over the past year alone, which is a major drain on the local council’s already limited budget. Hyndburn’s neighbouring boroughs, Blackburn, Burnley, Pendle and Rossendale have spent only £480,000 collectively on investigating fly-tipping claims.

Joanne Cross is a business owner in Oswaldthistle, who has recently suffered problems with fly-tipping outside of her property. “There is a story every week about fly-tipping,” she said, “it is like the fly tipping capital of the country.” She was quick to point out that most people dealt with their waste ethically, and most businesses use commercial waste collection services, but there is a “minority [who] treat the place like a dustbin”.

Why Is Fly-Tipping Such A Major Problem?

Fly-tipping in of itself can bring a whole range of its own health issues into a local area; for example, harmful chemicals can pollute the local area and cause lasting damage to the environment, and waste food can attract pest and rodents which can then infest nearby homes and businesses.

With the wide availability of professional skip hire services and waste management for businesses, there really isn’t an excuse for fly-tipping and, for those caught in the act, or those who require a lengthy investigation in order to be caught; it is far more expensive than those who choose to deal with their waste in an ethical manner.

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