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Prevent Costly Data Breaches With Confidential Waste Disposal

Whatever size of business you happen to operate, you’ll probably have heard all about the extremely expensive data breaches that many large-scale businesses have suffered in the recent past. After scares like these, you’ve probably made efforts to check through your own digital security, and make sure that no one can access your valuable information, or that of your customers.

What many business owners overlook, however, is that paper waste and physical documents which are thrown away present a potential data leak as well. That is why businesses of all shapes and sizes need to make sure that they make the most of confidential waste disposal services, from a reliable waste management company.

How Can You Protect Your Business From Waste-Based Data Leaks?

Although we live in the digital age, it is often essential for you and your employees to create paper waste. Whether this is because of notes you made in a meeting, over a phone or you just prefer to jot down your ideas in fluid writing, your company will create paper waste that can be used to harm your business or your customers.

Now, many businesses will simply use a shredder system, or tear their paper up by hand before throwing it away, but it is often fairly simple to reassemble these papers if the potential data thief is dedicated enough. You need more; you need a confidential waste disposal strategy in place, complemented by professional waste services.

Focus On The Right Documentation!

It is important that you focus on the right documents when it comes to confidential waste disposal. In our opinion, anything which requires a signature or, indeed, just features a signature, counts as confidential information. A partial list of private data can include patents, any form of customer documentation, contracts with clients, and contracts with other businesses, loan paperwork and internal memos/faxes.

Protecting Your Documents

Of course, there are many occasions when you need to hang on to documents like these and, for that, we recommend professional and secure self-storage. It means that they are kept away from your business premises, can be accessed when you need to and really minimises the risk of them being stolen.

Using a document management system to keep track on where your important files are and who accesses them is extremely useful. In the event of a data breach, it can let you trace the leak back to its source to make sure that you can plug it up.

Destroying Sensitive Information, With Confidential Waste Disposal From CERS

When it comes time to get rid of any personal information or data, you need to make sure that you are using a professional team of confidential waste disposal experts, who will not only be able to offer complete security to the information they collect from you, but will also provide a certificate to assure you of its destruction.

Here at Recycling Services, we have many years’ worth of experience in the destruction of confidential waste, and our services can help you to save on the huge amount of time and money that a security breach, or legal trouble, can cost your business.

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