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New Year, New UK Recycling Regulations?

As we move into another year, the UK waste and recycling industry prepare for new regulations which will shape policies and processes, as well as dealing with existing outdated legislation which cause problems for some companies and their total waste management policies.

Change In The Air For Waste & Recycling Industry

But one of the biggest immediate issues has been the rapid drop in oil prices, which has been great for saving fuel, but has had negative effects for those who deal with some recycled materials. It has resulted in the price of virgin materials being lower than recycled, leaving almost no incentive for producers who want to operate in a sustainable way.

This leaves many of Britain’s big businesses with tricky decisions to make, do they try and maximise the country’s existing resources and grow Britain’s economy? Or do they choose their materials based on price alone, giving them the best profits and keeping their shareholders and bosses happy.

And while the supply for oil and gas remains low for the time being, it is almost guaranteed that in the coming years it will rise again, leaving companies with more decisions to make over their manufacturing and waste policies.

Some industries like the dairy producers are leading the way in new approaches to using recycled in their products, hoping that by taking a long-term approach they can keep their costs consistent and avoid any sharp downturns which could affect them.

However the major influencers who can make a real difference to our waste and recycling industries it’s the politicians, they have to devise the right plans for our economy to succeed whilst meeting environmental targets. However with a general election approaching, politicians are unwilling to give environmental issues the priority they require, instead passing the problems down to the next government.

But if industry bodies and ministers continue to sit on the fence and don’t maintain a level playing field, billions of pounds of investment will be wasted and the green economy will be non-existent as cheap natural resources are used instead of recycled ones.

If the current and future policy makers are serious about managing our world’s finite resources, they need to create measures which incentivise using sustainable and recycled materials.

Businesses don’t run on good will, they need to be profitable as well as driving the green economy. But with so many people looking to pass the problem elsewhere, it will be the next generation who has to deal with the real issues while we continue to ignore them.

Total Waste management From Recycling Services

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