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New UK Recycling Regulations Come Into Effect In January

New waste regulations are set to come into force in the UK from January 1st 2015. The change will require businesses to separate recyclable material such as paper, plastic, metal and glass from all other waste they produce. It has been introduced through an amendment to the EU Waste Framework Directive, with the hope that it will encourage businesses across the UK to start taking recycling more seriously and increase the amount of waste we recycle in the country.

New Waste Regulations Introduced From January 2015

The change will affect both businesses and households across Britain and will require them to think about their waste and recycling system in much more detail. Once in effect all dry recyclables will have to be separated from every other type of waste to avoid it reaching landfill.

The regulations won't require separate streams for each type of waste, the European Commission guidance states: “considering that the aim of separate collection is high quality recycling, the introduction of a separate collection system is not necessary if the aim of high quality recycling can be achieved just as well with a form of co-mingled collection.”

The new regulations will enable commercial waste management companies to demonstrate greater transparency and provide processes which reassure customers that the efforts being put into recycling will result in the recovery of high quality materials.

Waste should be collected as separate fractions if:

  • There is an added positive environmental benefit or a reduced negative environmental impact versus collecting non-separated waste, and
  • The financial cost of collecting separated fractions is comparable to or better than collecting non-separated waste, and
  • It is technically practicable to do so using a system that is proven to function (= tried and tested collection system)

The best way for a business to stay ahead of the regulations is to use a commercial waste management company like Recycling Services which will help you build a reliable waste system for your office or workplace, help educate staff so they know what should and shouldn't be recycled and managing the waste and recycling itself by collecting the waste streams and taking them to the required places.

Commercial Waste Collection From Recycling Services

At Recycling Services we provide nationwide commercial waste management to ensure you receive a reliable and effective service. Drawing on our considerable experience in business waste management, we have established a capable network of service providers for all commercial businesses.

We can provide regular collections for commercial waste, office, metal and glass recycling. Offering an efficient, responsible and competitive nationwide service, we utilise the latest technologies and disposal methods to ensure you meet your legal obligations.

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