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New National Online Waste Management System Launched

 A new total waste management system has been launched in the UK which will help shops and other business keep track and manage their non-hazardous waste. The new online system is called edoc (or electronic duty of care) and will allow companies to collect valuable data on their waste and provide more information regarding their overall waste management.


New Waste Management System Introduced To The UK


‘UK retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers generated an estimated 6.5m tonnes of waste in 2011. Out of this total, the retail sector produced 1.2m tonnes of waste packaging and 0.4m tonnes of food waste’. Now many more retailers are beginning to realise how important dealing with their waste is and the benefits it can bring to them buy being more resource efficient.


The new total waste management system is not compulsory, but offers shops a quicker and more modern alternative to the exchange of paper waste transfer notes (WTN’s) which are currently used by a large proportion of the industry. But one of its other main functions is to record a vast amount of data on packaging and waste so that it can be reduced.


All of this shows signs of the change which is occurring with retailers and their attitude towards their waste. And this system, along with an effective waste management solution, helps them to cut disposal costs, identify opportunities to improve efficiency, recycle packaging where possible and prevent waste.


Chris Deed, edoc programme manager at the Environment Agency, said “we are pleased that the latest report from the EAC has identified not only the substantial benefits that edoc carries but also the fundamental impact it could have on the availability of data on waste production.”


“Edoc has the capability of improving the quality of information we currently have on not only the volume and type of waste that is being produced, but also the resources contained in the waste. Edoc has a role to play in helping businesses, the waste industry and governments to adopt, promote and support better waste and resource management.”


It’s hoped that this could aid all areas of waste management by providing the detailed information which is required by all areas of the industry. And as the software is free to use, it is expected to be widely adopted by a wide range of companies.


Total Waste Management From Recycling Services


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