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Many UK Companies Relying On Landfill To Dispose Of Food Waste

For some time there has been suspicion that major food producers and sellers have been creating large amounts of food waste which could be used for better purposes, but only now are studies being conducted which take a close look at the issue.

Food Waste Remains A Major Issue In The UK

The findings are that 30-50% of all food is wasted, and that half of this waste is down to inefficiencies within the food industry. In recent years more and more people have been visiting food banks, giving more attention to the problem and encouraging more people to find a way to make improvements.

Among the changes required are better forecasting and stock planning, particularly relating to seasonal change and the particular food we use at certain times of the year, along with better ecology and improved customer service to help customers to prevent food waste in the home. Less wasted food is also better for the environment and less which is wasted through better planning ultimately means fresher goods for consumers.

Under a number of EU directives, the UK is currently trying to achieve a zero to landfill economy to reduce greenhouse gasses. Scotland has already made great improvement in this area; however experts claim that the rest of the UK is lagging too far behind.

The financial impact and potential reward for food retailers and wholesalers is massive. For a food retailer or wholesaler that throws away goods worth 25% of its turnover each year, the possibility of cutting this wastage by 15–40% is significant, as the saving is directly visible in the company’s financial figures for the year.

Accepting that change is needed and making it happen are the only major barriers which are preventing meaningful action. The biggest offenders when it comes to food waste are the food processing industry, waste from supermarkets, Restaurants, Hospitals, Schools, Prisons and other institutions as well as workplace cafeterias and canteens. “While it’s certainly possible for companies and organisations to recycle food waste, far too many just don’t bother,” says Hall.

New technology is helping to turn the tide against food waste, although progress is slow. The fact that other countries have implemented a variety of different techniques and technologies to solve the problem shows that the potential to solve it is there, the UK just needs to find the right way to achieve results quickly and effectively.

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