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Is Recycling The Key To Brand Image?

Over the last decade more and more companies have begun considering how green they are and have taken steps to make themselves more sustainable. Not long ago this would have been barely a consideration for all but a handful of businesses, but now public opinion is now shifting with many green companies seeing benefits from their approach.

How Does Recycling Help Your Brand?

A new study conducted by environment rewards company Greenredeem has shown that 51% of people said they would prefer retailers that offer recycling on-the-go facilities. 91% of those asked said they were more likely to recycle if retailers offered them reward incentives such as loyalty points or discounts for returning.

This presents a great opportunity for companies to increase the UK’s recycling rates, as even though 93% of UK shoppers already recycle at home, only 25% recycle while on-the-go. The respondents of the survey said that one of the main ways which would encourage them to recycle more while out and about is if they had better access to on-the-go recycling facilities.

The research also found that although 72% of shoppers accepted responsibility for recycling, but 40% also felt that retailers are also responsible. Ultimately there is liability on both sides, but the facilities need to be there for people to use otherwise they do not have the option. This can be included as part of a total waste management solution which allows businesses to manage their waste and recycling streams efficiently.

“It’s clear that there is a healthy appetite for recycling on-the-go in the retail sector. We believe that by making it easier, by incentivising and increasing the opportunities to recycle, consumers can recycle even more waste than they already do” explained Rob Crumbie, communications director at Greenredeem.

“Our research also shows that retailers have the opportunity to benefit...from improved brand perception and increased customer loyalty. The way people are consuming is changing and we need to address this in the industry.”

Total Waste management From Recycling Services

At Recycling Services we provide total waste management solutions for both large and small companies. Our service includes all aspects of waste collection and delivery so you will always be on the right side of the regulations.

If you would like to find out more about total waste management or any of our other services, then please get in touch with the Recycling Services team who will happy to answer any questions you may have. Please call us today on 01952 204471.

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