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How To Follow The Waste Management Hierarchy

Under the new European Waste Framework Directive, which came into force on December 12th 2010, EU member states were asked to focus on using the waste management hierarchy. Shifting the focus away from waste as unwanted resource, the waste hierarchy provides room for growth towards a ‘recycling society’ and viewing your waste as a valuable resource.

Applying The Waste Management Hierarchy

The waste hierarchy ranks waste management options according to what is considered best for the environment. Giving preference to preventing waste in the first place, the waste management hierarchy is a five step process:

  1. Prevention – Using less materials in design and manufacture at all levels will prevent the production of waste. Think of all the ways that you could prevent waste within your business, this could have financial benefits as well as benefitting the environment.
  2. Preparing for re-use – Keeping products for longer and preparing for reuse, prevents materials entering the waste stream before their time. Check, clean, repair and refurbish items were possible.
  3. Recycling – Materials which can be recycled should always be recycled. This limits the amount of valuable new raw materials, turning waste into new substances and products.
  4. Recovery – Recovery includes anaerobic digestion, incineration with energy recovery, gasification and energy from waste fuels.
  5. Disposal – For some products, landfill and disposal is the only option. This should be the last option for all waste.

How To Follow The Waste Hierarchy?

In the latest report issued from the European Environment Agency ‘Towards a Green Economy in Europe’, policy targets were set for 2010-2050. Part of these aims was to ensure waste is managed as a resource through the waste management hierarchy.

At Recycling Services we make reuse and recycling an economically attractive option to businesses all over the UK. With an innovative approach to waste management, our aim is to help you manage your waste following the waste management hierarchy.

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