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House of Lords Inquiry Aims To Improve Food Waste Management

It is estimated that 89 million tonnes of food waste is thrown away each year in Europe alone. This equates to approximately 180 kg of food waste per person across the EU, an alarmingly high figure. Food waste is a real problem, not only in the EU, but across the world. Can a solution to food waste be found?


House of Lords’ Completes Food Waste Inquiry


The House of Lords’ EU Committee launched an inquiry in August 2013 to find a solution to the millions of tonnes of food waste produced in the European Union each year. Written evidence was requested by the House of Lords’ sub-committee for agriculture, fisheries, environment and energy on September 27th 2013, regarding the best approach moving forward for food waste and recycling management.

In order to reduce food waste, we have to understand what causes us to waste so much food. The House of Lords inquiry looked not only for a solution to the problem, but also the root cause of substantial waste.

A public hearing was held from October to December, identifying how the EU can reduce food waste and cut the amount we waste in half by 2020. The CIWM (Chartered Institution of Wastes Management) responded to the enquiry made by the House of Lords and raised the importance of efficient food waste management including treatment and collection. Consultations ran until October 1st, where suggestions and views from EU citizens, public authorities and organisations were heard.

If the ongoing issue of food waste is not resolved by 2020, it is predicted that the amount of waste could rise to 126 million tonnes per year. In the UK alone, 7.2 million tonnes of waste food and drink is thrown away every year costing approximately £12 billion a year. This waste not only harms the environment and wastes vital resources, but according to Defra, costs the UK food industry £5 billion per year .

Why keep on wasting food? The majority of food is wasted simply because people are unaware they are doing so. Food is often thrown away because of misunderstood date labels or storage requirements, an entirely preventable situation.


Recycling Services Offers A Smarter Approach To Waste Management


It is estimated by WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme) that the food and drink manufacturing sector could save 720,000 tonnes of food waste annually, worth approximately £404 million. To help prevent and reduce waste in the food supply chain you should develop a recycling management scheme within your business that promotes alternatives to waste disposal. By minimising landfill and improving your resource efficiency, you can encourage sustainable production and consumption.

Here at Recycling Services we offer a pro active approach to your waste management. If your company needs help with its recycling programme, the experts at Recycling Services can provide financially viable alternatives to waste disposal. Ensuring that your waste is managed efficiently and in compliance with all regulations, Recycling Services can help you to meet EU food waste targets.

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