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Half Of Small Independent Stores Claim To Be ‘Fairly Green’

A report conducted by Independent Retail News has found that 48.5% of convenience retailers believe their business is already “fairly green” in regards to recycling and energy use, while 43.5% claimed that their stores are “very green”.


How Sustainable Are Small Convenience Stores?


The survey was carried out on 200 outlets as part of a special ‘green’ issue of the retail related publication. It found that 75% of retailers believe that it is “very important” to be sustainable, with 20% saying they thought it to be “fairly important”.

However the respondents were less certain when it came to the relevance of green issues to their customers, with only 63.5% saying that it was a “very important” issue to their customers and 18% saying it is “fairly important”. 10% of those asked said they didn’t know what opinions their shoppers had on retail waste management.

More surprisingly, nearly 8 in 10 of the respondents claimed to have some kind of doors on their chillers, although this figure includes branded chiller cabinets with doors which are often supplied by soft drink manufacturers. Separate research undertaken by the Association of Convenience Stores (ACS) in 2014 found that 45% of convenience stores had chiller doors.

7 out of 10 retailers in the study said that they have at least some LED lighting installed in their stores, while 20% had installed specific energy efficient equipment in order to save money on their electricity costs. This has shown that gradually some energy saving equipment such as LED bulbs are becoming much more standard.

Another positive was that 90% said they recycled their cardboard packaging, and that 4 in 10 said they had a system for recycling their food waste, compared to 3 in 10 who throw it away with their general waste. Small store owners now showed that they recognise the advantages of having a sustainable store.

45.5% said that having a sustainable store saved them money on their energy bills, while 30% said it created a feeling of goodwill among their customers, and 25% said it helped staff to feel good about the company they work for – something which has been shown to improve satisfaction among workers which in turn creates a better atmosphere for customers.

When it comes to how responsible they felt for green issues, 52.5% said it was part of their “moral duty” to try and solve green issues and become more sustainable, although 14.5% didn’t think there was any benefit from it.

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