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Food Waste Recycling The Time To Act Is Now

The UK waste and recycling industry are currently making great progress towards investing in new technologies and infrastructure to help the country become more sustainable. However the amount we are sending to landfill remains unsustainable in the long term, which means that real change is needed sooner rather than later if we want to start making a difference.

Action Needed To Improve Food Waste Recycling

According to the Local Government Association, we will run out of landfill capacity in around three years if we continue to send the same amount of waste to landfill as we do now. Recycling figures can be improved considerably with the right approach, but more urgency is required before it is too late.

Current legislation is holding England back from keeping up with other EU nations, including others from within UK. Some within the industry put this down to a lack of support from those in power, with other events in the world often taking a priority of waste and recycling matters.

This year’s general election led to a number of promises and proposals from various parties, including the Greens who committed to impose a ‘food waste to landfill’ ban if they were elected in any way. The Conservatives have remained quiet on their intentions all through the lead up to the election, and even since have not given much away over their plans during this parliament.

Another talking point in the waste industry has been the recent report completed on food waste in London, collecting valuable industry data and looking at into the steps the Mayor of London, local authorities, and central government should be taking to improve recycling rates.

One of the recommendations from the report is that the Mayor should join local councils in the effort to secure additional resources from government and develop separate food and organic waste collection services. It also states the Mayor should work with the London Waste and Recycling Board (LWARB) and councils across the capital to create a unified total waste management system along with consistent messages.

Philip Simpson, Commercial Director at ReFood says: “It will be interesting to see what news the coming months will bring but it is evident we are some way from a joined-up approach to food waste recycling. It is only through a national strategy that we will reach recycling targets and reap the financial benefit.

“If we were to achieve zero food waste to landfill nationwide, in 2020 we could generate over 1.1 terawatts of energy, 27 million fewer tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions, return over 1.3 million tonnes of nutrient-rich fertiliser to farmland and save the public sector over £3.7 billion.”

Total Waste Management From Recycling Services

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