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Enzyme Discovery To Benefit Energy From Waste

A family of enzymes that can degrade hard to digest biomass has been discovered by researchers from the Department of Chemistry at York University. Benefiting energy from waste techniques, these enzymes are able to digest materials such as wood and cardboard into its constituent sugars for the manufacture of biofuels.


How Will New Enzyme Discovery Benefit Energy From Waste


According to York University, the latest enzyme discovery offers the potential for ‘difficult to digest’ sources such as plant stems, wood chips and cardboard, to be used for energy from waste products. In the research paper, ‘Discovery and characterisation of a new family of lytic polysaccharide monooxygenases’ led by Professor Paul Walton and Professor Gideon Davies of York University, reports were made on a third family of lytic polysaccharide monooxygenases (LPMOs) uses for the degrading of waste materials.

In the study of the biological origins of these enzymes, the researchers found that the enzyme family have shown a nature has a wide range of methods for the degrading on biomass. This degradation could be harnessed in energy from waste schemes in the production of sustainable biofuels.

“There’s no doubt that this discovery will have an impact on not only those researchers around the globe working on how to solve the problems associated with second generation biofuel generation, but - more importantly - also on the producers of bioethanol who now have a further powerful tool to help them generate biofuel from sustainable sources such as waste plant matter,” commented Professor Paul Walton.


Energy From Waste With Recycling Services


At Recycling Services we can help businesses to achieve their zero waste goals through turning their residual waste into fuel. With an ‘energy from waste’ scheme we can produce Refuse Derived Fuels from your unused residual waste. Significantly beneficial for the environment and economy, recovered fuels can reduce our reliance of finite fossil fuels.

Using a range of processing techniques including sorting, trommelling and shredding, we can produced energy from your residual waste. At Recycling Services we endeavour, where possible, to use our network of UK sites to achieve energy from waste from your residual waste. If this is not possible, we will process your waste in one of the many approved European processing plants. Compared to landfilling your waste and the harmful emissions produced, the benefits of this method far outweigh the emissions associated with the transport of RDFs.

Operating as part of the Recycling Services Group, we have an experienced team which can handle the management, transport and testing of your residual waste and RDFs in a responsible and compliant manner.

For more information about our energy from waste schemes or to talk to one of our advisers about your requirements please call 0845 377 3422 or email

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