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Driving New Innovations In Total Waste Management

Councils around the UK are developing innovative ways to deal with waste collection and cleansing services in their areas, as they look to improve efficiency in the face of relentless austerity by the government.

New Ideas In Total Waste Management

The Chartered Institution of Waste Management (CIWM) believes most local authorities are exploring potential cost and performance benefits which will benefit them over the coming years. Currently many are too inefficient and need fresh ideas to help them improve.

Steve Lee, CIWM chief executive, said: “The precise figures may vary across the UK and Ireland, but most local authorities share a common goal these days – delivering efficiency savings and making the most of tight budgets.

“Most local government services have already been feeling the squeeze and, as the third largest area of budget spend, waste has not been exempt. Nor can it be in the future.

“What we see here is some real innovation and willingness to explore the potential cost and performance benefits that can be achieved through smarter systems, joint working, and economies of scale.”

On a global level, one area of the industry which has grown the most in recent years is the ‘smart waste’ market which includes a number of advanced technologies such as plasma gasification for recovering energy from waste and optical sorting equipment for recycling facilities.

A recent report has found that reducing the cost of municipal waste collection will be a key driver for growth in the global smart waste industry by 2019. This is because the use of these technologies is what will reduce the high costs involved when dealing with solid municipal waste collection.

One example of this is RFID and sensor based containers which make use of simple real-time web portal services which provide fill level measurement. According to the research, sensor equipped containers which contain a battery powered wireless device can help authorities to deal with solid waste collections, and reduce the overall cost by as much as 50%.

In many areas of the waste industry it is becoming clear that technological advances are going to bring about the biggest changes which will improve total waste management services and their waste and recycling processes. Some of the most promising fields include waste collection, transportation and disposal, landfill, composting, recycling and incineration.

Total Waste management From Recycling Services

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