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DEFRA Disappointed With England’s Small Recycling Increase

Recently released figures by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), have shown that the recycling rate across England, though it has increased, has not done so at the rate that the organisation had hoped. Primarily, the rise has been put down to an increase in the volume of organic waste that has been recycled, and the increasing availability of total waste management services for businesses and domestic properties.

Recycling Is On The Rise… But Is It Enough?

The amount of organic waste recycled has increased by as much as 9.9% from the year before, leaving England’s recycling, reusing and composting rate at around 44.8% in the months leading up to December 2014.

Whilst the amount of organic recycling undertaken cross England has gotten much better, the Local Authority Recycling Advisory Committee (LARAC) has said that it was disappointed that the overall figures of waste management and recycling has only improved by 3.7% from the year of 2014.

The Recycling Strain On Local Councils And Authorities

LARAC represents local authorities, and it has said that it was “concerned that these increased will place a further burden on the dwindling finances of local authorities at a time when more cuts are expected”. The organisation has called on the government, and the wider industry of total waste management to support local authorities in terms of hammering the need for waste minimisations to householders across the country.

The vice chair holder at LARAC, Sally Talbot, said that “While some will no doubt concentrate on the overall recycling rate, the increases in dry and food recycling still shows that our members are introducing new services and aiming to hit the 50% target. This is all the more commendable given the ongoing squeeze of council budgets and the certainty that more are to come.”

It is extremely positive to see that the overall recycling rate has increased to 44.8% over the course of 2014, but in order to reach the 2020 recycling targets laid down by the EU, then recycling rates will clearly need to improve, and quickly. For 2014, somewhere in the region of three quarters of all improvements, in terms of an annual performance, came from the drastically higher rate of organic waste recycling, including composting.

There is the threat, however, that with the recent and upcoming cuts to local authorities by the UK government, that these trends will be reversed as recycling schemes are cut in favour of more essential services, including healthcare and education.

Total Waste Management, For Commercial, and Industrial Properties

In the event that these recycling services are cut, more and more business will need to make the most of total waste management services that take their commitment to eco-friendliness seriously. Recycling Services have a long and successful track record when it comes to increased recycling rates of businesses all over the country.

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