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Can Scotland Ever Reach Its Zero To Landfill Goals?

Every single year, more and more businesses are achieving, or at least edging closer, to their ideal state of zero to landfill. Predominately, these businesses are in England and Wales, but Scottish businesses too are moving closer to the goal of almost complete environmental-friendliness.

Carbon Emissions In Scotland

Up until now, ambitious targets have been set for Scottish businesses to reduce carbon emissions but, despite their best efforts, they have constantly fallen short. Scotland’s policy-makers understand that reaching these targets requires something a little more solid than just ambition.

Reaching these targets will require difficult, and perhaps even costly, decisions to be made by both individuals and business leaders. As Scottish businesses are now reaching the point where these decisions will need to be made, it is significant that the five man part leaders have all signed up to a declaration which commits them into taking climate change seriously as part of their next Holyrood elections.

The Declaration Of Energy Efficiency

This declaration, backed by a range of communities from green and anti-poverty groups, to church societies and unions, is regarded as being something of a ‘big ask’ for writers of these manifestos, as they will severely impact the freedoms of next year’s Holyrood manifestos.

To achieve these ambitious targets laid down by Scotland’s policy-makers, law-carbon transport and energy efficient buildings need to be given priority and those responsible for high-levels of waste production and carbon emissions need to be penalised. However, this is setting the major election hopefuls up to attacks from construction companies, road builders and other business lobbies.

The Scottish government recently published a report on the possibility of making the shift to a circular economy. Essentially, this means that resources would circulate throughout the economy, via re-use, recycling and often repair. This is a major component of the zero to landfill philosophy and could be the future of environmental-friendliness on a large scale.

Can Scotland Ever Reach Its Zero To Landfill Goals

Could The Future Of Scotland Involve Zero To Landfill?

One thing is clear, with regards to Scotland’s environmental future – the government needs to be doing more to support and encourage a circular economy which truly supports the zero to landfill philosophy. Agreeing to focus on environmental-friendliness at next year’s Holyrood elections is a hugely positive sign, and could signify a fresh start for Scotland’s approach to recycling and reusing.

Here at Recycling Services, we are dedicated to helping businesses and homeowners achieve their zero to landfill goals. If you’d like to find out more about how our services could help you to approach these targets and enjoy the range of advantages that professional recycling services can enjoy, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today on 01952 20447101952 204471.

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