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An Insight Into The Opportunities WEEE Disposal Presents For UK Businesses

Research has discovered that companies all over the UK are missing out on a number of opportunities regarding their waste which could save them thousands of pounds every year. Both large and small businesses are missing ‘easy wins’ when recycling, especially for WEEE disposal.


How Could WEEE Disposal Save My Business Money?


A recent report has revealed that outdated recycling systems are losing the UK economy £1.7bn in wasted plastics, electronics and food. Much of these resources are being unnecessarily wasted, when they could be easily recycled and re-introduced into the economy.

For electronics the UK will dispose of around 12m tonnes of electronic equipment between now and 2020, a quarter of which could easily be fixed up and re-sold, if businesses were presented with the right recycling opportunities.

WEEE disposal can be highly effective; inside regular electronics are a whole host of precious metals including palladium, gold, iridium, neodymium platinum, gallium and indium. All of these are found in small amounts inside laptops, smartphones and many other technologies, much of which is now obsolete.

If our economy carries down the same path, which consists of a ‘take, make and dispose’ mentality, we will end up disposing of around 12m tonnes of electronic waste over the next 6 years. This equates to up to £1bn worth of palladium alone, and all because businesses haven’t implemented effective WEEE disposal procedures.

There is still a perception by some people and businesses in the UK that there is nothing to be gained from obsolete technology and that it’s too expensive to remove their metals, but this is far from the truth. When a major WEEE disposal programme is established it can reduce its costs significantly and act as an effective element of our overall recycling system.

The average mobile phone is made up of around 23% metal, containing conventional elements like copper and tin alongside the rarer metals like cobalt and antimony. Even though the amount in each device is minimal, once a system is in place WEEE can create its own ‘circular economy’ which channels these waste streams and turns them into a profit.

This could potentially save the UK economy £614 billion each year by 2025 and create over 100,000 jobs within the first five years. Whether this will ever be met remains unclear, but what is certain is that doing nothing about it is simply not an option, otherwise it will eventually become too late to deal with the problem effectively.

Looking For WEEE Disposal For Your Business?


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