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£1.1bn Generated By Landfill Tax In 2014

UK landfill tax revenues stood at more £1.1 billion for 2014, an incredible 10 times more than when the tax was introduced back in 1996. This huge sum made up over 75% of contributions to pollution and resource taxes in 2014.

Landfill Tax Revenues Raises £1.1 Billion

The data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that just less than 20 years ago when landfill tax was created, the total received during its initial years was £113 million. It also showed that all of the government’s environmental taxes together came to £44.6 billion, which accounted for 7.5% of the country’s total revenue for the year.

Despite the high amount of landfill tax generated in 2014, 1.1bn actually marks a reduction from the 1.2bn which was raised in 2013. The first year of the landfill tax dropping in revenue since 2008/09, when income fell from £954 million to £842 million. The landfill tax was originally created to help divert waste from landfill and drive waste further up the waste hierarchy to incentivise recycling and energy recovery investment.

The Treasury removed the Landfill Tax escalator in the 2014 Spring Budget. It had been in place since the tax first was set up, previously growing by £8 per tonne every year. Now landfill tax rises in line with inflation, meaning it correlates better with the current state of the country’s economy.

One element of the UK which will have to be discussed and sorted over the coming year is the power which will be devolved to Scotland and Wales. Currently Scottish landfill tax is paid to the Scottish government after being transferred to them in April, and remains in line with the rate from the rest of the UK. The Welsh Government is also consulting on how its own landfill tax powers should be implemented when it has powers transferred in April 2018.

Last week, the Chartered Institute of Taxation warned that the Welsh Government should ‘tread carefully’ on how it administers the tax and argued landfill operators may not want to see major changes, or could risk businesses moving or changing their plans in order to avoid increases.

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