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4 Steps To Move Your Company Towards Zero To Landfill

Over the last decade waste disposal costs have risen by 28% leading to more and more companies who had never previously considered their waste to begin looking at ways they can reduce the amount they create and improve the ways they are dealing with what they do produce.

Help Your Company Become More Environmentally Aware

Zero to landfill schemes have become a proven business objective, with companies from different sectors and industries now understanding that addressing their waste to ensure that none is being sent to landfill sites can considerably improve their bottom line as well as satisfy their customer and shareholder desire for improving their environmental responsibility and image.

Often for these companies the first place they begin with is what is known as the “quick wins” of finding simple ways they can save money through their waste. This often takes form through improving their waste management contracts and changing company’s policies which improve recycling rates and encourages people through the business to buy into the companies zero to landfill goals.

However over time the gains to be made from these quick wins can drop away. This is where a serious long-term plan is needed if the company is to ever be an environmental leader. This can be a challenge, particularly for large businesses which operate in a number of locations, however following these four steps will help your organisation achieve zero to landfill.

  1. Waste Characterisation – To know what waste you can save, you need to know what types and amount of waste your company produces and where it ends up. Measure both the volume and weight of each material (paper, plastic, metals, etc.) to give you a window into what your waste stream looks like. Once you have the data you need, it gives you more options and better knowledge of how you will achieve zero to landfill.

  2. Develop Waste Prevention Strategies – Many of the biggest savings to be made are not through diversion, but through prevention. Stopping the waste from ever being created is the ideal solution for all environmentalists, but is not possible in many cases. To do this the company must look at their entire supply chains to look at how waste can be stopped in various ways which add up to make a difference.

  3. Find And Implement New Uses – Society has developed a disposable mentality when it comes to packaging. Finding ways in which waste can be recycled and reused for various purposes is the great challenge of our time, and is already producing some interesting results which could shape the materials we use in the future.

  4. Engage Employees In Better Waste Diversion – Awareness and training are also important if your company is to become zero to landfill and remain that way. This not only requires new practices, but also a change in attitude and thinking. Waste must be seen not as landfill material, but as a pile of valuable resources.

Achieve Zero To Landfill With Your Business With Recycling Services

At Recycling Services our team is dedicated to continue their hard work in achieving their goal of helping companies reach their zero to landfill targets. If you would like to find out how our services could help eliminate the excessive time and cost of your current waste management solution then call one of the team today on 01952 20447101952 204471.

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