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20% Of People Never Recycle Electricals

A recently conducted survey has discovered some interesting statistics regarding our thoughts and practices regarding electrical waste, also known as WEEE. The data was compiled from a survey conducted for WEEE producer compliance scheme Repic.

Survey Finds Lack Of Understanding Around Electrical Waste

It found that one in five people regularly throw away old and used electrical items, however 43% do not recycle their electrical waste because they are not sure how to do so. It also discovered that 57% wanted to find out more about WEEE disposal, a figure which rose to 60% when looking at just the young people.

The national survey asked 1,000 people and found that one in ten keep old and broken electrical items, with almost half of respondents saying that they didn’t think that mobile phones could be recycled. It also discovered that over a third of those asked weren’t aware that large appliances such as cookers, tumble dryers and dishwashers could be recycled.

“When it came to recycling familiar household items the survey found that over 80% of people always recycle paper, cardboard, tins and bottles and 63% recycle kitchen and garden waste,” said Repic. “Figures dropped for recycling electricals with just 46% of respondents saying they always recycled them.”

However despite the drop in numbers when it comes to WEEE disposal, 55% of those surveyed said that the environmental impact of electrical waste was a concern to them, and wanted to know more information about it. Currently WEEE waste is one of the biggest growing recycling markets, with much of it ending up being dumped in third world countries.

“Overall the survey findings are very encouraging. There are plenty of good intentions and the majority of people are keen to find out which electrical products can be recycled and how they should be disposed of,” said Repic CEO Dr Philip Morton. “It’s also great to see that young people in particular are curious to find out more. It is clear that consumer awareness is the key to improved collection volumes. Most people want to ‘do the right thing’ all they need is the right information.”

Since a number of WEEE waste directives were set up by the EU, there has been a growing effort to ensure the UK maintains its commitments to increase the amount of electrical waste which is disposed of properly through WEEE disposal schemes.

Other research has discovered a hugely untapped source of precious metals in our electrical waste, although the only way to collect it back efficiently is through a large scale refinement system. Although with new innovation being created frequently to help the issue, it is hoped that it will be one we have the means to control effectively in the near future.

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