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Waste Management and Recycling News

recyclable waste Vision 2020, Zero To Landfill And Food Waste In The UK

It’s a shocking statistic, but as much as 50% of the food that we produce never gets eaten. In the UK alone, around 15 million tonnes of food is wasted every single year. If we ever hope to reach zero to landfill, then we need to make sure that we take ste...  Read more >>

Waste What Does Brexit Mean For Your Business’ Waste Management Company?

The result of the EU referendum has split the country, and will certainly come as an unwelcome surprise to many of us in the waste management sector. Although Article 50 has yet to be invoked and the terms of the UK’s breakup with the EU have yet to be discuss...  Read more >>

Glass Bottles How Is Craft Beer Tackling Zero To Landfill?

Although few of us will have considered it, have you ever wondered just how sustainable your favourite beer actually is? The act of brewing certainly doesn’t follow the zero to landfill philosophy, and each pint carries a heavy environmental footprint. It ...  Read more >>

recyclable waste What Does Brexit Mean For The UK’s Green Policies?

Though there is still a great deal to be worked out, Brexit will have a massive impact on the country. Regulations will need to be reviewed, legislation will likely change and that has left hundreds of trade waste collection companies all over the country unsure as ...  Read more >>

Waste Could eWaste Be Harmful To Your Health?

When you think of harmful waste, your mind probably won’t spring to electronic waste. Instead, you’re likely to think about chemical waste, or even abandoned food which can attract pests. Without reliable WEEE disposal, there are a range of materials...  Read more >>

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