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Rear/Front End Loaders

A front or rear end loader is a popular choice for businesses that produce large volumes of dry waste or recyclables. Providing a static waste storage solution for industrial and commercial businesses and organisations, front end loaders are easily accessible for everyday use.

Benefits Of Rear And Front End Loaders

A front end loader is available in a range of different sizes to suit your needs. Kept permanently on site, a front or rear end loader container is ideal for separating dry recyclables and general waste. An enclosed waste container, they are a hygienic solution for your dry waste and recyclables. Available with a security lock, they are ideal for storing general waste.

✔ Waste and recyclables collected on site

✔ Fork lift channels for manoeuvrability

✔ Available in different sizes to aid recycling and waste management

✔ Hygienic

✔ Secure

✔ Cost effective

Front End LoaderRear End Loader Front End LoaderRear End Loader

What Can You Put In a Front/Rear End Loader?

A front/rear end loader container is ideal for commercial and industrial businesses producing large volumes of dry compactable waste and light recyclables. The difference is simply that a front end loader tips from the front and a rear end loader tips from the back. Front/rear end loader bins can be used for:

✔ Packaging Waste

✔ Plastics

✔ Cardboard and Paper

✔ Dry

✔ Cans

For a quote call our expert team today. They will identify the most suitable rear or front end loader for your site.

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