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Greener SMEs to be rewarded under EU scheme

eco-innovation action plan


A new EU eco-innovation action plan (EcoAP) has been launched to help support
Small and medium-sized businesses that are working to reduce their waste arisings amongst other resource efficiency targets
The EU has stated that the reasoning behind the scheme is to reduce pressure on the environment and to “bridge the gap between innovation and the market”. The EU now considers eco-innovation as a vital component in the ongoing plan to increase Europe’s economic competitiveness.
Subsidies, training and funding will be made available to companies driving products, techniques, services or processes which aim to reduce environmental impacts, or contribute to the optimal use of resources.

This will include increasing the use of recycled materials, to reduction of carbon footprint and  greenhouse gas emissions, and more efficient use of resources (e.g water)
Part of the plan will include initiatives both on the demand and supply side, on research and industry and on policy and financial instruments. The business community has recogniosed the potential of large scale eco-innovation projects which has resulted in venture capital investments growing from £0.3bn in 2004 to approx. £1.3bn in 2010.
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