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Changes to Waste Transfer Notes


From 1 October 2011, whenever you pass waste on to someone else, you will have to declare on the waste transfer note, or consignment note for hazardous waste, that you have applied the waste management hierarchy.
The hierarchy is a set of waste management options to be applied to any and all waste streams.
It sets out, in order of priority, the waste management options you should consider:
1.       Prevention
2.       Preparing for reuse
3.       Recycling
4.       Recovery, e.g. energy recovery
5.       Disposal.
You must also include on the waste transfer note the 2007 Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code of the person transferring the waste. You should continue to use the 2003 SIC codes on hazardous waste consignment notes.
These requirements will be introduced six months after the regulations come into force.
Recycling Services have made these changes to our waste transfer notes to ensure compliance.
If you have any questions about these upcoming changes or would like to ensure you are up to date with all compliance issues, call our team on 0870 850 3074 or email  and we will be happy to help.

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