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Legislation and Regulations

The volume of waste legislation has increased significantly in recent years and is continuing to grow as environmental issues receive more and more focus. Compliance with waste legislation is a fundamental requirement for all UK businesses. The fines imposed for non compliance with waste legislation can be up to £250,000 per offence in line with the new civil sanctions, and can even carry a jail sentence for some transgressions.

Recycling Services advises and supports its customers with their regulatory requirements. The following gives a brief overview of some of the main pieces of legislation either already in place or soon to arrive. For more detailed information please refer to the links at the bottom of the page.

Environmental Protect Act (Duty of Care) Regulations

All businesses have a duty to ensure that any waste produced is handled safely and in accordance with the law. This is the ‘Duty of Care’ and it applies to anyone who produces, imports, carries, keeps, treats or disposes of controlled waste from business or industry.

Hazardous Waste Regulations

Hazardous Waste is so called because it has hazardous properties that may render it harmful to human health or the environment. Examples of wastes classed as hazardous include fluorescent tubes, computer monitors and televisions. The movement of Hazardous Waste is tracked through a consignment note system to ensure the waste is managed responsibly.
All businesses in England and Wales that produce Hazardous Waste must register with the Environment Agency before they consign their Hazardous Waste. Some premises may be exempt from having to register if they produce less than 500kg of Hazardous Waste in any 12-month period.

Animal By-Products (ABPR) Regulations

The main aim of the ABPR is to prevent animal by-products from presenting a risk to animal or public health through the transmission of disease. The regulations are likely to affect all those who deal with animal by-products, including farmers, food manufacturing premises, catering outlets, food retailers, the waste disposal industry, the animal feed industry, slaughterhouse operators, tanneries, zoos and hunt kennels.
Specific rules apply to the collection, transport, storage, handling, processing and use or disposal of animal by-products. Rules also apply to the placing on the market, export and transit of animal by-products and certain products derived from them.

Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations

The WEEE Directive aims to reduce electrical waste, make producers responsible for the environmental impact of their products, encourage reuse and recycling, and improve the environmental performance of all those involved during the lifecycle of electrical products.
This legislation affects any businesses involved in manufacturing, selling, distributing, recycling or treating electrical and electronic equipment or any business looking to dispose of it’s redundant IT or electrical items – e.g. desk fans, heaters etc.

Batteries Directive

Waste batteries and accumulators (rechargeable batteries) can damage the environment and cause health problems as many contain toxic chemicals such as lead, cadmium and zinc.
The new batteries regulations limit the use of these chemicals by battery manufacturers and give producers the responsibility for ensuring waste batteries are collected and either treated or recycled.
You must comply with the batteries regulations if your business manufactures batteries or equipment containing batteries, imports batteries into the UK for sale, distributes and sells batteries, uses batteries of any kind, collects waste batteries or treats, recycles or exports waste batteries.

Producer Responsibility Obligations (Packaging Waste) Regulations

The Packaging Waste Regulations require businesses that handle more than 50 tonnes of obligated packaging or packaging materials in a year and have an annual turnover of more than £2 million, to recover and recycle specified amounts of waste each year. The Essential Requirements aim to minimise the amount of waste packaging generated at source and ensure that packaging can be reused, recovered or recycled.
Cory has a range of service solutions designed to offer compliance with all key waste legislation and directives.

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For additional information on current and planned waste legislation in the UK please click on the links to the sites below.


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