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Is Your Company At Risk From Its Invisible Paper Footprint?

After the start of the digital revolution many predicted a paperless world was just around the corner, as the need for physical copies of data would be nonexistent in the future. This however has proved not to be the case, with almost every office in the world today still reliant on paper in one way or another.

Is Paper Making Your Business Vulnerable?

Recently a team at the University of British Columbia attempted to collect original research data from a random selection of 516 studies which had been published between 1991 and 2011. They discovered that 80% of the scientific data that informed the studies was nowhere to be found.

They noticed that for the first two years after publication, data was properly filed, protected and stored. Then it started to disappear at a rate of 17% a year, never to be seen again. It’s easy to believe that in our current inter-connected and backed-up world this would not be able to continue occurring, but the fact is that the majority of businesses still spend much, if not all of its lifespan on paper.

At the beginning of each year the information management industry creates a study to see how many and in what way companies are ditching the paper for more modern and sustainable methods. Every year it finds that the progress is painfully slow. In 2013 an American study showed that just one in four organisations have a specific goal to remove paper out of the business.

It seems that shaking off our paper footprint is much harder than we initially thought, despite the amount of screens we have around us at any one time. According to the Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP), the average office employee still uses around 45 sheets of paper a day, with around half of this paper discarded almost immediately.

Aside from being detrimental to the environment, paper can also have serious security implications if you haven’t invested in confidential waste disposal. Studies into company’s fears show that employee management of paper records represents the single greatest threat to information safety, topping the list for UK firms with 66%. This was more than double the number of people whose biggest concern was an external data breach or hacking threat.

And it was also found that as time goes by becoming paperless was becoming more of a challenge to companies, not less. This is down to many reasons; usually a lack of understanding over what the correct process is for filing and sorting records. Another issue is that paper is not seen as sensitive in the same way that digital files usually are, and can be copied, shared or left lying around.

Confidential Waste Disposal From Recycling Services

At Recycling Services we offer secure shredding services for confidential waste disposal, ensuring it is disposed of in compliance with the Data Protection Act. Completing a full audit trail, we can also provide a full range of containers for the secure storage of your confidential waste.

To find out more about confidential waste disposal from Recycling Services or if you would like a no-obligation quote or commercial waste audit, please call 01952 204471 or email

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