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Is Energy From Waste A Practical Strategy?

More and more companies across the world are considering turning to energy form waste in order to lower their operating costs and improve their eco-friendliness. This strategy is largely seen as a great way to eliminate the effects of greenhouse gases, but just how practical is it for a waste management company?

Waste-to-energy (WTE) is, according to a recent analysis undertaken by the US Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) is the only technology capable of generating electricity as it reduces greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).

Could Waste To Energy Be A Practical Choice?

According to the United States’ Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), solid waste burners which use trash and other waste to generate electricity can not only be a practical way of powering a range of properties, but it can actually lower the amount of GHG emissions in the air when compared to landfills. In fact, the savings are estimated to be as high as 1 tonne of greenhouse gases saved per tonne of waste that is actually combusted.

The Environmental Protection Agency bases its calculation on current emissions of methane gas from landfills. Methane is much more potent than Carbon Dioxide, although it doesn’t spend as long in the atmosphere. By burning the waste that causes these greenhouse gases, rather than allowing them to ferment in the landfills, can drastically reduce the amount of greenhouse gases that we release into the atmosphere.

An International, Clean Power Plan Would Back Waste To Energy

The EPA’s clean power plan is a strategy with the goal of creating a much more environmentally-friendly planet, particularly if it is adopted internationally. The focus of this plan is often placed on the growth of systems like wind and solar energy, but it also includes the role of waste to energy as a means of reducing the amount of harmful gases we release into the atmosphere.

Energy from waste could be considered a mitigation tool, as it allows us to generate a little extra energy as well as eliminating some of our methane gas production.

What Is The International Reaction To The EPA’s Clean Power Plan?

A lot of European nations have already signed onto the Kyoto agreement. Here in Europe, WTE has already taken part in the reduction of methane gases. For example, if you look at Germany, less than 1% of all waste ends up at landfills. Going one step further, Denmark has completely banned landfills.

Despite the problems that we have faced, the European Union has led the world when it comes to reducing waste and eliminating green house gases. WTE is a particularly good solution here in Great Britain as we have limited space to dedicate to landfills. When the UK does leave the European Union, it is uncertain which agreements we will remain bound to. Whether we continue to work within the confines of the Kyoto agreement or not, it is for the good of the country, and the world, that your waste management company continues to eliminate greenhouse gases and move towards a circular economy.

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