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Could We Be Entering A New Era of Recycling?

More and more companies and homeowners, the world over, are realising the need for recycling to become a more integral part of our everyday lives. This isn’t just true for personal use, either, and commercial waste and recycling services are in higher demand than ever before.

However, there is currently a debate raging, in the waste management world, as to whether or not energy recovery is a more viable and sustainable system than plastics recycling. So, could we be moving into a new era when it comes to product recycling?

Plastic Recycling Vs Energy Recovery

One of the major industry concerns, when it comes to plastic recycling, is whether or not there is currently a viable market for recycled plastics. It might not seem like it from the outside, but the future of plastic recycling is actually under a little bit of scrutiny, following the downturn in the market for globally-distributed commodities and the recent upheaval in terms of oil prices.

Already, these features are having an impact on the demand for plastic polymers which have been recovered from a previously used material.

Clearly, quality will continue to be an essential component when it comes to price differences and the development of the industry as a whole. One of the blockages to this, however, is the current customer attitude to materials like these, which often sees such materials as contaminated.

Public education is one of the major ways to change this view, but there is no guarantee that the funding which actually be available at this point; at least, not as widely available as it was during the recycling campaigns of the early 2000s.

The UK Is At Its Recycling Capacity

Another problem when it comes to plastic recycling in the UK is the shortages in terms of reprocessing capacity. Recycling rates all across the country seem to have reached something of a national plateau. Developing a robust, nationwide argument to reinforce the need for greater recycling capabilities remains difficult, as there is currently no firm framework for the national secondary commodities market.

What Are The Benefits Of Energy Recovery?

This system of material recycling is actually not so much a process, but instead a school of thought. Energy recovery includes any process that converts waste material, of any kind, into usable energy. Some non-recyclable plastics, for example, contain a higher energy value than coal and, as such are ideal for energy conversion.

Amongst policymakers, the benefits of energy recovery remain largely unknown. There is, fortunately, a growing movement backing the innovations associated with energy recovery. Despite the nation’s increased focus on recycling, particularly of materials such as plastics and cardboard, there are still tonnes of products buried in landfills every other day.

Waste-To-Energy And Plastics-To-Oil

Through advanced recovery technologies, including waste-to-energy (WtE) and plastics-to-oil (PtO), it is possible to turn previously un-recyclable materials into usable energy.

Energy recovery efforts like these will be able to complement recycling and waste reduction schemes by sending the waste that does slip through the cracks in these systems onto a WtE or PtO area, which would then see them turned into usable energy in the form of electricity, which could then be used to power homes, infrastructure components or fed back into the system to create an, eventually, self-sufficient recycling centre.

Commercial Waste And Recycling: A New Era Could Be On The Horizon

Here at Recycling Services, we provide commercial waste and recycling across the entire country, to ensure that your business receives a reliable service, and that your waste is treated in the most eco-friendly and sustainable manner as possible.

We can provide regular waste collections and other recycling services for commercial businesses, including general waste, office, metal and glass recycling. For the very latest in terms of commercial waste and recycling services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with CERS today.

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